New Homes & Extensions


In amongst the trees

On this beautiful bush block, we developed the concept for a split-level family home, stepping down the hillside and taking full advantage of the north-western views over the Yarra River. We took the project from concept to completion – developing the concept, obtaining the Planning & Building Permits, developing the Working Drawings, Tendering and appointing the builder, supervising construction and ensuring the quality of the build while keeping it on budget.

What We Did

The concept of a new development begins with planning permits, where the initial idea takes shape. Subdivision outlines the division of land if necessary. Next, working drawings are created to detail the design. Once approved, a building permit is obtained, and the project is put out for tendering. During construction, oversight ensures adherence to plans and regulations, ultimately bringing the concept to life with careful execution.

Design Features
This split-level home offers stunning treetop and river views, creating a serene backdrop for everyday living. The distinctive skillion roofs and sloping ceilings add a modern touch to its design, which encompasses multiple spacious living areas. Embracing a quiet bush aesthetic with muted materials, it blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings. With the added convenience of a basement, this home combines elegance with functionality for a unique and peaceful lifestyle.

Designing and building on a sloping site requires careful planning, including the implementation of retaining walls to ensure stability and functionality. Additionally, addressing stormwater drainage is crucial to prevent erosion and water damage. The process often involves negotiations with the local council to ensure compliance with regulations and obtain necessary permits, ensuring a successful and environmentally responsible construction project.

Case Study 1404
Sustainable Design
This eco-conscious home showcases cutting-edge sustainability with energy-efficient wall systems and low-VOC materials, ensuring a healthy indoor environment. A 10,000L rainwater tank promotes water conservation. Cross-flow ventilation and northern living areas harness natural elements for comfort. The design features sloping ceilings with clerestory louvres, creating an inviting atmosphere. With timber framing construction, this residence harmonizes modern living with a commitment to environmental responsibility.