Frequently asked questions

While we list some frequently asked questions below, if you have a particular question about your potential project, feel free to contact us.

Do architects only design buildings?

We do much more than design! As architects, we are involved in and responsible for the entire building process.

Do you only design in Melbourne?

We manage and deliver projects all over Australia. The majority of our projects are located in Melbourne eastern suburbs and Mornington peninsula, with many projects in rural Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania.

Do you handle VCAT appeals?

Yes, we have a number of planning permits that end up progressing to VCAT for a variety of reasons. We handle the process and all required consultants advice and reports. Being regularly involved in VCAT hearings, we bring that experience to your project from the outset.

Do I need a planning permit?

It depends. Different sites are within different zones and affected by various overlays, each of which have numerous triggers. As planners, we can determine these requirements for you and obtain the relevant permits. To see if you need a planning permit for your project, contact us today!

When do I need a building permit?

Building permits are generally triggered by buildings and works. Depending on what your project involves, it may not require a building permit. As experts in construction, we can determine the building requirements for you and organise any required permits. To see if you need a building permit for your project, contact us today!

What are your fees?

Fees are determined on a project-by-project basis and based on the level of involvement. For example, renovation projects involve more detailed drafting, inspection, assessment and construction administration work when compared to a new home. Similarly, commercial projects have additional compliance and permits to draft, detail and manage compared to a tree removal permit. Contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail and we can provide a quote for your project.

Why should I engage an architect?

The role of an architect is to act as an independent expert and ensure the delivery of a project. First and foremost, they serve the interests of the client. At Rogers Architects, we provide professional advice, design, drafting and project management services – controlling your project from concept to completion. We act for you as the client, to ensure your project is completed the way you want.

Do you work with engineers and other consultants?

Yes. As architects and project managers, we organise all of your required consultant designs and reports, and integrate their information into our drawings. We have a team of trusted consultants that we have developed relationships with over many years in the industry, including arborists, land surveyors, engineers, access consultants, building surveyors, property & planning lawyers, landscape architects and many more.