We have the experience

We have a broad range of experience across numerous projects and can handle any challenge put to us.

Some projects we have worked on include:

  • Mixed-use medium-rise buildings
  • Medical centres
  • School camps
  • Eco-retreats
  • Factories, warehouses & freezers
  • Industrial processing facilities
  • Shops & restaurants
  • Commercial kitchens & dining halls
  • Retirement villages & nursing homes

We understand complexity

We understand the complexity of commercial and industrial projects with detailed design & specification, regulatory compliance, permits & approvals, multi-disciplinary integration, and construction management.

We have experience in a broad range of projects and provide services catered to each project, including:

  • Building permit compliance
  • Performance solutions
  • Design for disabled access (AS1428.1)
  • Illegal works rectification
  • Insurance claims

case studies

Explore some case studies to see how we have turned our client’s aspirations into reality!